Tuesday, April 11, 2006


The freshman class is getting the hang of things. Last week was 'semana cachorro' or 'freshman week'. There were lots of activities for the first year students. Thursday between 4000 and 5000 students piled onto 100+ buses for a huge beach party. You can imagine what a all day beach party of freshman and sophomore college students is like. The trip is financed in part by the donations that the freshman gathered as people pitied their mechoneo experience during the first week of classes.
This week we have been tracking down the classrooms of freshmen so they can get to know us. Just before the professor starts class or as he is leaving we take a few minutes to present Vida Estudiantil to students. We invite them to our meeting and English clubs. We also give them a pen and a contact card so they can let us know if they are interested. We are trusting that the follow up of hundreds of interested students will provide opportunity for spiritual conversations and an open door for the gospel.