Sunday, May 14, 2006

Linda, madre linda

This is my beautiful mom, Linda. Linda means beautiful in Spanish. It is hard to even know just how much your mother influences who you are. My mom's unconditional love and pursuit of godliness bless me every day. My mom is compassionate, encouraging, a teacher, a steady doer, interested in culture and merciful to those in need.
My mom taught me to get a job done and done right. Her help and encouragement with all those 4-H projects taught me a variety of skills. Thanks mom! My parents lived in Germany for a few years and my mom also helped place international students with host families in our community. It was cool to get exposure to different cultures as a kid even though we couldn't travel overseas. My mom is compassionate. She worked in special education for several years. She also is constantly making herself available to single mothers or other women who need support. Currently my mom is studying to be more effective in counseling people from a Christ centered perspective. She is a blessing to many many people.

I Love you Mom!