Sunday, June 18, 2006

My Dad

I grew up on a farm in southeast Nebraska. As I grew up I was able to do more things and spent more time working with my dad. We would work together in the shop fixing and maintaining the machinery. Listening to Christian radio as we worked was a significant part of how I began to walk with God in the mid 90's. My dad had already laid a foundation in my life by reading the Bible as a family on Sunday mornings when we were kids.

My dad loves music. He plays the guitar and encouraged and taught me to play as well. My dad is a learner. I remember him reading lots of books during the winter when there is a little less work on the farm. He modeled to me the value of reading. My dad and his dad are inspired. When they talk about certain things their eyes will tear up and you can tell that it is more than an idea, but truly inspiring to them. They have shown me to be passionate about things. My dad is fascinated by maps and loves to travel. We would pile in the van as a family every couple of years and take off on a long road trip across the USA, good times. My dad and his dad are faithful men who have loved their wives. My dad is talented and knowledgeable. After many years being a farmer, when God gave him the opportunity to work at the nuclear power plant, he studied hard and passed all the exams to work as an engineer. I am proud of my dad! And thankful for all he taught me and for his love.

My dad loves God and is growing in the grace and knowledge of the Lord. He has made knowing and following Jesus the main thing in His life.