Tuesday, May 22, 2007


After the fall getaway we have continued to connect individually with students. Developing a community of students is important. On Sunday afternoon we invited all the men involved in Vida Estudiantil to come to the apartment. This space, which we will have about once a month, is just one more example of how things are slowly but steadily moving forward.
These guys lives will be transformed as they pursue truth together. One thing that is true of university students today is that if they do not feel like something is relevant and comfortable they are probably not going to come back. Commitment is not evaluated based on some objective truth, but rather on how they feel about the people and the experiences they have. This is just fine because Jesus is real, personal and is inviting us to live an abundant life. Commitment will come naturally as they have an authentic experience with their Maker. But it is a battle to help them move towards God in the midst of a society that invites them to be their own gods in so many ways.
On Sunday we invited them to get together once a month to build authentic friendships, consider what the Christian life is all about and pray for each other. We started by sharing with them how to experience the abundant life Jesus promised, the Spirit-filled life. Next month we will consider the signularity of Jesus Christ among so many other religous leaders or gods.