Thursday, August 30, 2007

Pato's CM2007 experience

Patricio, on the left with other Chilean students who went to CM2007, just got his degree from the Universidad de Santiago de Chile in Human Resources (Administracion de Personas). He is currently completing an internship required by the school. Before leaving for the US in June I sat down with Pato to help him establish a biblical perspective for determining his vocation and invited him to join us as campus staff. A month later Pato was on a plane to South Korea for CM2007. This was the first international student missions conference for Campus Crusade for Christ. I wanted to share with you his comments about the experience. They are tremendously encouraging to me as we trust God for movements everywhere, specifically that Vida Estudiantil would be used to increase involvement of Chileans in world evangelization.

“CM2007 in South Korea was an unforgettable experience because God put in my heart a passion for missions. I know that I am called to be on mission and share the gospel with others students in Chile and the world, and in reality we are all called to this. I came to understand this much better in Korea. Personally I would like to go to another part of the world where there is great need for Christ. I could see, because of my experience at CM2007, the great need for Christ in other countries is shocking. They lack people who are guiding others to Christ. Yet first I want to work to reach the students in my university, and if God permits to be a missionary in another part of the world. This is what I feel that the Lord is calling me to every day and it is what I want to do.” Patricio Maric├ín