Monday, August 03, 2009

Personal Stuff

On Sunday morning June 7th I was taking the summer project students to church. As we walked to church a friend of mine called and informed us that the service had been canceled due to a swine flu outbreak. So we changed plans and went to another church nearby. We arrived 30 minutes early because of the different service time.
Before the church service I ran into Jeff and Aki. They led a small group at the church I go to several years ago. It turns out that Jeff is studying the same program, MA in Religion at Reformed Theological Seminary, and is in the same course, History of Christianity I. Although adding studies to my responsibilities is a challenge, this seems like a good time. I am more established in ministry here and finally have a bit of learning community while on the mission field.
We will be meeting Friday afternoons to discuss the study questions and try keep each other on track with readings. In addition last week I met Tim, who is Australian, but teaches at a pastoral training institute here in Santiago. Hopefully he can be my mentor, which is a requirement for each course.

I spent the afternoon of June 7th with Lisset. The month not dating allowed us to work through some issues. I am grateful that God has put a godly beautiful woman in my life. We covet your prayers as we continue to pursue God’s purpose in our lives and in relationship with each other.