Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Following Jesus

A Christian is a follower of Jesus. But I think we see a lot of Christianity that is at best an attempt to follow Jesus' example. However you can´t really do that unless you love Him in an intimate, relational, joyous way. Without really wanting to we define our Christian faith by a very small subset of things Jesus does and goals that our church or mission organization helps us take on.
Jesus did everything the Father gave Him to do and spoke what the Father gave Him to speak. And He did it so that the Father would be glorified. (John 14) We can´t really follow Jesus and try to follow His example if we won´t love God with all we are. I can´t follow Jesus unless I experience Him personally today and want to be with Him, love Him, obey Him, and bring Him honor and glory with all I am. Thankfully He gave us the Spirit to help us do just that. The promise is that He will teach us and empower us to be witnesses of Jesus. What do you see Jesus doing today? The greatest adventure ever, seeing and following Jesus!