Saturday, March 04, 2006

Move In

Moving into an apartment downtown is a surprisingly significant achievement. I am grateful to have a place that is very centrally located for getting to the major campuses in Santiago. Being a block and a half from the metro is a plus.
The process of finding a place and getting moved in has been much more challenging that I had expected. Learning about the different areas in Santiago, figuring out how to utilize websites and newspapers, getting a cell phone to communicate... Finding the place took me about two weeks. Then I spent another week getting the papers, securing a co-signer and getting his papers together. Getting the contract signed and then getting the keys took a few more days. Moving in has taken a few more days.
Along the way I have been surprised by the culture shock that I have experienced. I have had to adjust my expectations. Things will be more difficult, move slower and require more effort than I think they should.
Being in a new place means I am around new people. I am praying for opportunities to bring the blessing of the gospel to people around me where I live. And I am thankful for God's provision.