Monday, March 06, 2006

First Day

This was the first day our team went to campus. I went to the Universidad Santiago de Chile. I figured out the geography of campus by walking around and praying for the students. Unlike most Chilean universities this one has most of the areas of study grouped together in one major campus. After getting the lay of the land I introduced myself to some students. Juan, Jonathan, Jose and Joanna are second year math students. There were planning the hazing that many first year students go through. We talked for about an hour.
Yesterday was my first full day living in my apartment. I had been praying for direction in reaching the young professionals and others who live in the building of about 400 apartments. God answered that prayer yesterday as I returned from my run along the Maipo river. Pablo was walking down the street, and I asked him about a large business whose headquarters is across the street from the apartment building. From there we ended up spending several hours together and talk about many things, following Jesus, golf, economics, family, the kingdom of God. He knows others who are Christians in the building and is very open spiritually. Pray this would be the beginning of a community of God seekers and Christ followers in this building.