Thursday, July 13, 2006

Get Out!

With students busy in finals our team took the past week to work on personal stuff and vacate. Life in the city truly makes you want to get out. We also said goodbye to the summer project this week. This past weekend, Carla, Esther, Chris and I took a road trip south. We were able to visit a cool park, 7 Tazas, which has some awesome waterfalls. My good friend, Christian, who is from Santiago, talked his uncle into renting us a truck. That came in handy as we probably drove 200km on dirt roads in the Andes.
A highlight of the trip was staying with Romi's family. She is a freshman at USACH. It was great to experience hospitality from a normal Chilean family. They run a bakery near Curico. We also got to go to church with her on Sunday morning.

We also went down to Chillan, which has a sweet ski resort. Cote, one of the Chilean staff joined us for a day. It was a great time talking and getting to know everyone better. Bummer was that it rained all day instead of snowing, so no skiing. That is my second failed attempt... But we are just starting the main part of the ski season.
The next morning after getting back I met with Patrico on campus. He is one of the guys I am discipling. He was doing a presentation in his class about the truth and fiction in the "Da Vinci Code". He has a great witness with his classmates. He told me today that he was surprised that his teacher, who is an atheist, commented favorably about the subject. He gave a book by Josh McDowell to each of his classmates. I also got to share my testimony with one of the guys on the basketball team and connected with a few other students. Amazing what happens in two hours on campus during vacation. Makes me think, "get out" life is good serving the King!