Sunday, August 20, 2006

Four Month Float Trip

Before I left for Chile I got the ball rolling for studying theology. I got the applications in. And figured out what classes I wanted to start with. But I didn't get the books ordered before I left. Things kind of piled up on me during December. In March I ordered all the text books for Church History I and Systematic Theology I. A substantial investment. So my parents dropped them in the mail at the beginning of April. I figured, maybe a month or so. About the first week of July I had given up. I told my mom on the phone that we needed to make one last effort to get the postal service to tell us what might have happened. The next day I got a slip in my mailbox telling me they had arrived! We are so used to having everything fast! Four months to get a package seems like something from the early 1900's. I'm pretty sure "surface" means the package came on a ship. A little worse for wear, but I got everything I need to start class.
As the ministry gets into a good rhythm this spring semester and I finish my adjustment to leading the team I hope to enroll in church history.