Sunday, November 26, 2006

A Good Day

Thursday the 16th of November was a memorable day. The day before David, a STINTer from Argentina, got into Santiago to visit for a few days. Thursday's always start with a staff prayer meeting. I gave the talk at the weekly meeting about stress and final exams. The meeting went really well. We got lots of good feedback. Immediately after the weekly meeting I met with the other leaders here in Santiago to talk about our vision and goals for next semester. We needed to set the direction for getting to new campuses. The meeting served to reaffirm the vision of movements everywhere and helped us consider realistic steps for getting there. Later that evening Colo-Colo (a favorite Chilean soccer team) played Toluca(a Mexican team). Most of my team went to the game. I went home to rest and prepare for our staff meeting the next day. When I got home the electricity company had cut my electricity. A long story, but basically they were wrong:) It was already dusk, so I was at home with no computer or lights. Wanting to make the most of my time I went to buy groceries since my frige was pretty much empty. On the way I call Christian and tell him my story. He invited me to go watch the game on TV at a sports bar. Change of plans... I arrived at the bar as the first half ended. After the game (Colo-Colo won 2-1) we went up the street to talk to a friend and business owner in the area. He introduced us to another business owner who is a key contact for starting a new strategy that we had been dreaming about for over a year. A really good day.