Sunday, March 25, 2007

Weddings and Chinese Food

One year ago I was curious about the large corporate building across the street from my apartment. I asked a guy on the street what the company Endesa does? Pablo informed me that they were an energy company. It turned out we lived in the same building. A friendship was started and through the influence of several people Pablo eventually decided to follow Christ.

Friday my friend Christian and I met with the owner of a chain of Chinese restaurants for dinner. Chen is Chinese but has lived in Chile for 20 years. He is a friend of my former neighbour Pablo. I met Chen for the first time at a discotheque, celebrating Pablo's birthday. We shared with Chen about the ministry of Vida Estudiantil and invited him to invest with us in reaching college students. He was excited to hear about what we are doing. This Wednesday we will meet again at the national office of Vida Estudiantil.

When I arrived at church today I saw Pablo and Karen sitting towards the front dressed a little better than normal and I immediately knew... they were going to announce their engagement. Pablo and Karen had gone to Brazil for their summer vacation last week. And I suspected that he was going to propose. It is a joy to see Pablo continuing to grow in Christ and being blessed by God.