Sunday, March 25, 2007

Three Phase

In Santiago we are trusting God to raise up student led movements on every campus. After one year we have a presence and student leaders on three campuses. While we could easily spend all our time trying to build up those ministries we don't want to build ministries, but rather be used of God to mobilize students.
During the next month we have a three phase process to identify and focus on three more campuses. The University of Chile and the Univseridad Catolica are the two most prestigious schools. The first phase is to visit 8 different campuses of those two universities. We will investigate the campuses and look for opportunities and key contacts on Friday. Phase two will be to explore another 8 campuses of private universities. We also will try identify where the 15 summer project students from the US can help launch movements in May and June. Phase three is to focus on 2 or 3 campuses where we see the best opportunity and contacts.
I am confident that we will find students who share our passion for seeing lost students become Christ-centered laborers. Through personal discipleship and our community of leadership development, Raices (from Psalm 1, roots) our team is being used by God to prepare students for living out the great commandment and great commission.