Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Estudio Eficaz

One of the things we hear too frequently while talking to "freshmen" students is that this is their second year in the university but they are repeating many of the first years courses. The difference between high school and university study finds many unprepared. On top of that the number of distractions and temptations also multiply with the freedom that this stage of life offers. Today we hosted the first of four sessions of the Study Effectively Seminar. We had a good turn out and the students expressed an interest in the upcoming sessions. It is a lot of work, but serving students, loving them, helping them do well is a joy.
As we expand to more campuses in Santiago, strategies like this seminar will allow us to help student leaders cast the net broadly on campus, be visible and serve students needs.
Before speaking at the seminar today I spent a few hours with Mauricio. Yesterday was our first time going out to share our faith together. Today he was ready to talk to more of his peers. The platform of service to the student community encourages Mauricio to engage his peers in spiritual conversations. When people know that we care about what is important to them, they are much more willing to talk.