Friday, April 27, 2007

Getting Started

It was the fourth time we met and the first time all four attended. Building commitment and community takes effort. I am so happy to see Diego, Mauricio, Patricio and Cristobal each forming a commitment to serve God together in reaching lost students in the university. Our first meeting we talked about how God could use us to start a spiritual movement in the university and I challenged them to develop a plan. At other times during the week we share our faith together. During the past few meeting we have talked about some of the vital aspects of our character; love, holiness, service and faithfulness. I am excited to see what happens as we help each other set clear objectives in our personal growth and effectiveness in mission. The mission of turning lost students into Christ-centered laborers is something that genuinely motivates these guys. It is hard to imagine all that can happen as God uses us to change lives in the university and outside of it! Please pray that God gives us great faith and grace to complete the goals that each one purposes each week.