Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Golden Birthday

Having your birthday fall on a Saturday is a definite plus. I celebrated my 30th birthday last Saturday June 30th. I had not heard of this much before but apparently when the day and the year are the same that is called your golden birthday.
A highlight so far this summer has been the good times with the other staff. I had a great day with the other staff who are preparing to go overseas long term. We hiked in Rocky Mountain National Park for most of the day. And in the evening went out for dinner and a refreshing beverage. As one who enjoys a good beer I appreciate the many microbreweries and variety of beers here in Fort Collins.
30 is definitely a milestone. Someone asked me to share a highlight for every five years of life. As I scanned over my life I can appreciate both the big and the small things. And looking forward I am full of anticiaption that God has many more experiences, both unmistakably large and creatively subtle in store for me.