Sunday, July 29, 2007

U.S. Staff Conference

The national staff conference is held at Colorado State University every two years. Now that I am international campus staff I am not required to come. But I may still come occasionally because of the valuable interaction with our fantastic staff and the way God uses the time to refresh us in the singular vision for seeing spiritual movements everywhere.
During the first few days of the conference the staff for each ministry meet. I serve in the campus ministry, but there are dozens of different ministries that are part of Campus Crusade for Christ. One of my passions in ministry is to be a sender, to mobilize young men and women as missionaries. I have been seeing that we lack some expertise and resources to make our campus ministry more effective in this area. It was great to hear that they have assigned a new leader at the national level to address this issue. The vision, 100% sent, that every student who is involved with us is prepared to make their lives count for fulfilling the Great Commission after they graduate. I also felt like God was challenging me to think outside of Chile and try to help the campus ministry throughout South America create solutions to common problems or needs that we face in each country.
The second part of the conference is for all the staff. One of the ideas that was repeated was that of story, how our lives are a story that God is writing and how we can use story to tell the good news. I also really enjoyed seeing staff friends from around the country. The whole time helped increase my desire to trust God for supernatural things in my life and in Chile.