Saturday, July 05, 2008

Faithful and Fun

Diego and Connie got connected with Vida Estudiantil back in April through our effective study seminar. After the seminar we offered personalized coaching to help students apply some of the study techniques and allow us to get to know them better. Lisset led their coaching times and was able to connect them with our mission on campus.
They are from Osorno, in southern Chile. And have been dating for a year. They both knew Jesus personally, and asked us to train them to share their faith and how to establish new believers in the Christian faith. It has been a real treat to teach them and get to know them over the past few months.
I think they are probably the most faithful students I have ever had the opportunity to train. They showed up for every meeting and generally had prepared the lesson. Diego has also been able to involve a classmate of his. It is a real joy to work with such great people. Cote, pictured also invests time with Connie in discipleship. It is sweet to be part of a team that invest their lives in others.
I am confident that Diego and Connie will both see the lives of many of their peers transformed by the Lord. They both have 5 more years of studies at the University of Santiago de Chile. Diego studies Electrical Engineering and Connie, Surgical Medicine.