Friday, September 05, 2008

Many Reasons to Believe

We met Tomas, a student at the Universidad Andres Bello, in English Club. Israel, who coaches student leaders at UNAB, copied me a portion of an email from Tomas

“After thinking about it and having it on my mind for several years, I decided that it is the best thing I could do in my life, and I feel very good about it, so during my winter vacation I decided to be a Christian… several factors influenced this decision: my mother has been a Christian for no more than 4 years, I have seen her happier than ever during these 4 years, my brother and I experienced a couple miracles (we had an accident 3 years ago, and today we are without adverse effects). Another important factor was the English Club of Vida Estudiantil, to which I went with the sole purpose of learning some English, but little by little I realized the quality of people who have a happy spirit, a kind-heartedness and availability, and a great strength in their beliefs which in an authoritative way coincide with each other.
Another very important factor leading up to my decision was a special Christian young lady who I had gotten to know. She is able to speak with ease about God in a simple way, coherent and pleasant, and with the same point of view as many others… so I told myself, I should belong to this group, it is without a doubt the best! On top of this I would have to add the services of the church in La Serena that my mom goes to, where there is a an equally pleasant atmosphere. I admire the pastor, very intelligent, and he knows how to apply Biblical values to everyday life. Also my mom is always reminding me of the things the Bible describes and how they are based in history and still speak to our world today, and this is very convincing!
So there are many reasons, I just was slow to see them and take them into account, but I am happy to have given myself to Christ because unquestionably, it is never late. That is all! Haha. I hope to see you more often this semester!" Tomas
After English club one day we went bowling with the students. Tomas is holding the dark blue bowling ball.