Thursday, March 17, 2011

The second day of the national missions project our truck had a serious breakdown. After a major delay in getting it repaired, we finally hit the road, only for it to break down again. Finally after the third repair, it still isn’t fixed. We planned to sell it before leaving Chile. Now our good friends in Chile are stuck with the work of getting it repaired and selling it.
But as is usually the case, God used this experience to expose ways in which I fail to trust Him. The idols of money and control were clearly exposed as I lost control of this situation and continue to loose a fair amount of money. All I had left was to trust God. And that was just it, God took me to the place where I had to face that in this area of my life, I was in control and worse yet I did not want Him to be in control. He is in control! And now my heart is being freed of idols that were making it hard to enjoy the gospel.