Thursday, March 17, 2011

"On The Road"

“On the road” is the phrase that captures 2011 for us. On January 4th we left Santiago for three weeks of summer camp and national missions projects in southern Chile. During the last week of January we packed our bags, and our apartment as we prepared to leave Chile for what will hopefully be only 11 months. February 3rd we arrived in Cali Colombia with the team of nine Chileans and one American. During the rest of the month we served alongside Colombian students on 5 university campuses in Cali. On March 3rd we set out again, this time on vacation in Colombia and Mexico. We enjoyed getting to know Colombia for a few days and on March 9th arrived in Acapulco, where Lisset’s family lives. In just a couple weeks we will be on the road again, making our way to Nebraska. We have traveled thousands of miles and slept in 19 different beds so far this year. But with all the travel we are never waiting, every day and every place God is at work and we are thankful to be His servants. His yoke is easy and his burden is light.