Friday, September 23, 2011

May: New Staff Training

“With God there are no transitions, just preparation...” At the end of last November, before leaving Chile for what will be most of 2011, we attended a weekend marriage retreat with our church in Santiago. One afternoon during a time of prayer the pastor and his wife prayed for us and encouraged us with those words. The first week of May we attended new staff training. It was great to be part of a diverse group, most of whom where professionals who left their jobs, following God’s call to join staff. They will be ministering to families in FamilyLife, soldiers in the Military Ministry, grade school teachers with International School Project and athletes with Athletes in Action. Lisset officially became a missionary with Campus Crusade for Christ at this training. With this new job comes the responsibility of financing our employment as a family in missions. Right after new staff training George went to Bogota Colombia for a week long leadership retreat with leaders representing the campus ministry in 18 countries in Latin America. Next month we will attend the International Campus Staff training called X-Track, which prepares missionaries to establish life and ministry in another country long-term. George will work as a coach at X-track. We are thankful for God’s call to serve and grateful for this time to prepare for the coming years serving Him in Chile.