Friday, September 23, 2011

“At 20 years of age, I began to really live....

“At 20 years of age, I began to really live my life and be able to enjoy it. It all began last year when my life began to lack purpose, direction and self-acceptance. I began my university studies thinking I had achieved something great, but with my life being so empty, I quickly lost motivation to work hard. I was a self-centered person and very cold on occasion. One day I met a classmate during a workshop, and we became friends. She invited me to a Vida Estudiantil (Campus Crusade for Christ in Chile) event, and I went without hesitation. Time passed and I began to realize that I lacked something. I was not happy and, for some reason, I did not have a good relationship with my parents. Time passed, and I unintentionally became more involved in the ministry. The joy that the students from the ministry seemed to share impacted me greatly, and this year I asked God with all my heart to pardon my actions and enter into my life. I asked that He would give me the opportunity to be a good person, to love my parents, and love myself. Soon I realized that my life changed, and now I can share with other people that the love of God is infinite.”
-Macarena Llanquinao, Student of Medical Technology A few months earlier another story was just developing. 11:30pm Skype conversation: “What have you been thinking about what we discussed the other day?” Lisset asked Anna Maria. Anna- “Well, I agree!” Lisset- “You agree with what?” Anna- “I agree that I need to accept Jesus in order to receive forgiveness for sin and have a relationship with God.” Anna’s newfound joy in Christ soon overflowed into Maca’s life.