Friday, September 15, 2006

Spring Break

Thursday evening we had a party at my place. About 30 students from 4 different campuses came. We spent three hours together, talking, playing ping pong, foose ball and cards. It was a good time to talk to students I hadn't seen in a while and meet new people. The involved students are great about bringing their friends! It is also nice to see that we are impacting students on campuses all over the city in a very natural way. As we get more established I am excited to see what happens as we are more intentional about expanding to every campus.
This week campus was closed. Something like spring break. Our team got some special devotional time and also worked on content for our ministry (weekly meeting talks, small group materials, evangelistic resources). I am proud of our team. It is fun to be part of a team that is producing materials. We are trying to develop a culture in the ministry here that is balanced with action and thought. The hope is that our staff will feel like it is normal to be investigating the culture and producing materials that help us reach it.
Next week Chile celebrates it's independence. They say these are the best fiestas of the year in Chile.