Thursday, September 07, 2006

Team Santiago

For one month now we have had all of our team members together in Santiago. There are eight of us, two couples and four singles. Kurt and Melissa Adams are from Colorado. They are international campus staff with Crusade. They have a one year old boy, Aiden. Kurt is outgoing, hard working and always learning. Melissa helps us by leading prayer and has a tremendous heart for the nations. Christian and Blanca Maureira are some of my best friends. It is a real joy to work with close friends. Christian grew up in Santiago. We became good friends in Jalapa Mexico while we lived and worked together on campus there. He married Blanca in Mexico and they moved back to Chile a year and a half ago. We are excited for them as they are expecting their first child. They are both very talented and passionate about making disciples.
Esther Kim is originally from Philadelphia. She is doing a one year STINT, which we are hoping turns into two. Esther has led many English clubs and gained the friendship of many students by loving and serving them. Carla Ramirez and Adriana Salas are both from Jalapa Mexico and doing a year long internship with Vida Estudiantil. Adriana and Carla were actually neighbors and best friends in Jalapa. Carla brings a lot to our team with her servant heart and skills with publicity, English and discipleship. Adriana is our most outgoing team member. She has a lot of energy to meet and love students. Adriana likes to have fun and include others in it.