Thursday, September 07, 2006

"You Are Reading!"

Sunday I went to church and was blessed to hear one of the most clear and relevant calls to mission I have heard in Latin America. It was perhaps the best sermon I have heard in Latin America. It is a blessing to be at a church that is sold out to mission and passionate about seeing the Holy Spirit empower the church for mission. Afterwards I was at the mall with Francisco, a young man that I have gotten to know at church. It was fun getting to know him a little more.

After Francisco left I got a cup of coffee and sat down to read for an hour. As I sat there I noticed a older man looking for a place to sit and invited him to take a seat at the table I was at. Always hoping for opportunities to share the gospel I wondered what might happen. I continued reading. A few minutes later I was interrupted by a young lady who made a simply observation to start a conversation with me, "You are reading!" Well, "Yes" Turns our Leonor is a geography student at Cambridge, in Chile doing a research project. Her observation was not quite as random as you might think, because Chileans don't read books at malls, especially at this mall. As I looked around I noticed that I was quite out of place. Anyway we had a fascinating conversation for the next hour. Her parents were exiled from the USA and Chile because of their communist ties. We discussed politics, consumerism and spirituality. She shared about her near death experience and how she sees God working in her life. Fascinating...what will God do next in her life. It will be a privilege to be a part of it, if that is His purpose.