Thursday, October 12, 2006

Against the Status Quo

A few weeks ago I started a project to help improve the gym at USACH. This week I met again with the assistant athletic director and another person in the athletics department. This time I got more help than my first visit. Juanita was the person I really needed to meet. She knows about donations, an existing process to expand the gym that lacks funding and other politics of the university. Next week I will meet with her again to get the information I need. As I was waiting at the reception desk to meet the assistant athletic director the tennis coach talked with the secretary about his perspectives on spirituality and salvation. He hopes that his good life will help him earn his way into heaven. Maybe I will get to talk to him one day on campus. It is those instances that I am looking for as I serve students and the university. Pray that He would give us opportunities to share the gospel!