Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Yesterday I met with a student who had come to a couple of our weekly meetings. In fact we showed a short interview with Dario at our meeting two weeks ago about self esteem. His honesty answering the questions was refreshing.
Dario is a classmate of several students that we have been getting to know. I think two of them have also trusted Christ and started follow-up Bible studies with Adriana, one of our Mexican STINTers.
When someone comes to our meeting we try to meet with them the next week and get to know them a little more. Dario and I talked for about an hour. We talked about how trust is so important for good relationships with friends, family and God. He indicated that he was about 60% confident that God would accept him. As we talked through the "Would You Like to Know God Personally" booklet Dario understood that God is completely trustworthy. And he placed his faith in Jesus Christ. It is a great joy to be part of God's working salvation in people's lives! What an awesome adventure Dario has ahead of him.